“Thanks to switchboard, I received help and insight from 4 Oberlin grads across different fields, all with valuable tips  on how to approach a potential application process. Everyone was very willing to either meet in person, exchange lengthy emails and talk on the phone! Grateful for this network! ”

“We found a great pet sitter for our dog and cat over Thanksgiving week. The alumna who took care of our pets was super sweet with the animals and it was fun for us to get to know her a bit, too. It worked out perfectly because she was coming to Denver anyway.”

“Hired an Oberlin alum!”

“Excellent response. While finalizing details with our favorite candidate, we won't be showing the apartment. Thank you, Oberlin Switchboard!”

“My post led to a job interview and several  helpful pieces of advice. I'd say it's a success.”

“I've talked to a few Obies already about this position and answered all kinds of questions about RP and this role in particular. Once this position is closed, I'm still happy to talk about RadioPublic and podcasts with folks.”

“House and dogsitting for the Brauns was the highlight of my summer. Hurray for a serendipitous Switchboard (re)connection!”

“I put out a plea for help "rehoming" my MIL's piano and several alums reached out with offers and/or suggestions. I really appreciated hearing from them.”

Joan Epstein '88 shared this story on

Home for baby grand

“Got an amazing summer sublet! I am very excited”

“Got a recommendation for a great book / resource for my project. Thanks, Switchboard! xo, L”

“I was very happy to see alumni, some of whom I took classes with my first couple of years, reach out to me to help me out. I'm very grateful for Oberlin Switchboard because of it.”

“I had an awesome chat with Jacob since I was curious about his path into audio/podcasting - lots of loops and turns and like me, we both found where we are now right when we needed to be. Definitely reach out to him if you have questions about the industry!”

“Got another chance to visit on the 6th of December in 2016. Lovely visit -- though the apartment search is still on!”

“I was able to get a ride back from the event with another alum in the area who had graduated the year before me, and got to connect with her. ”

“Someone who is picking up other people at the airport at the same time contacted me. We have arranged for her to pick me up as well and have exchanged phone numbers.”

“I heard from 3 people regarding my Watson Application. They all had both suggestions for readings and further questions I might want to explore, as well as names of people for me to contact more closely related to my field of interest. I am very pleased and excited by the response I recieved thusfar. ”

“Someone I half-knew back at Oberlin contacted me! I ended up staying with family friends, but this SAVED MY SANITY and was super-generous. ALL the Internet cookies/rainbows/unicorns/lolcats as thanks! ”

“Found someone in under a month. Thanks obies!”

“I was able to sell my cap and gown super fast (people were very responsive) and using Switchboard was super easy!”

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Cap and Gown

“easy, thanks.”

“The Ask Me Anything Chat was a wonderful opportunity, and I hope to be able to extend it further. I did not interact with any graduates, but when I look at the landscape of public education in this country I know that we need people, people like Oberlin grads to help catalyze change in schools. I'd love to talk to Oberlin grads about finding ways to teach in high need schools. Please email me if you want to talk further rbartlett@propelschools.org

“Found a rider!”

“Woohoo! I found a roommate on Switchboard!”

“Reconnected with a Creative Writing classmate who, as it turns out, also taught English in China! Also connected with an alum whose son will be participating in a program I manage at Yale this summer!”