“More responses than expected, a few with tangible restuls...”

Tim Riley '83 shared this story on May 11, 2020

digital designer for ambitious ebook

“I was able to find housing with a wonderful alum for January! Thank you to everyone who responded.”

Anne Schoonover '20 shared this story on December 14, 2019

Winter Term Housing, Chicago/NYC

“Just checked out Classifieds and I'm  feeling like there are a lot of good options there for me”

“We lined up the petsitters we needed, found a backup for future needs, and discovered other nearby alums.”

Matt Reid '91 shared this story on February 26, 2019

Napa Valley House & Petsit 6/6-19

“The switchboard provided an excellent, easy to use platform to connect to the Oberlin network. Our ask corresponded with an offer in a timely way and it worked successfully. ”

Teresa Saxton '85 shared this story on December 13, 2018

Housing needed in DC 1/5-2/16

“Wish we could host more than one student for winter term. It's been a great experience to have hosted and be hosted within the Oberlin community.”

Carol G. Matteini '76 shared this story on November 16, 2018

Washington DC Winter Term 2019 Housing

“The event was a success and 3 Obies introduced themselves to me at the networking reception!”

“The apartment has been rented for a one-year period. Thank you for your interest, and good luck with your searches! -- Marta”

“We are delighted with the number of views from alumni, who recognize this for the NYC bargain it is.  As of July 7, we're in serious discussion with several candidates. So, if you were "thinking about calling..." please contact us today while it's still open. We're glad to answer questions, and can show same-day if needed.  ”

“I received two responses in less than a week. Thanks Switchboard!”

Helen Kramer '17 shared this story on July 6, 2018

Sept 1-Nov 30 Sublet in Crown Heights

“Thanks to switchboard, I received help and insight from 4 Oberlin grads across different fields, all with valuable tips  on how to approach a potential application process. Everyone was very willing to either meet in person, exchange lengthy emails and talk on the phone! Grateful for this network! ”

Bronwen Schumacher '15 shared this story on March 27, 2018

Should I go to Business School?

“We found a great pet sitter for our dog and cat over Thanksgiving week. The alumna who took care of our pets was super sweet with the animals and it was fun for us to get to know her a bit, too. It worked out perfectly because she was coming to Denver anyway.”

Sarah Bania-Dobyns '01 shared this story on November 29, 2017

Dog and house sitting in Denver

“Hired an Oberlin alum!”

Jesse Vogel '14 shared this story on October 13, 2017

Paid Internship - Climate Policy Nonprofit

“Excellent response. While finalizing details with our favorite candidate, we won't be showing the apartment. Thank you, Oberlin Switchboard!”

“My post led to a job interview and several  helpful pieces of advice. I'd say it's a success.”

“I've talked to a few Obies already about this position and answered all kinds of questions about RP and this role in particular. Once this position is closed, I'm still happy to talk about RadioPublic and podcasts with folks.”

“I put out a plea for help "rehoming" my MIL's piano and several alums reached out with offers and/or suggestions. I really appreciated hearing from them.”

Joan Epstein '88 shared this story on July 6, 2017

Home for baby grand

“Got an amazing summer sublet! I am very excited”

“Got a recommendation for a great book / resource for my project. Thanks, Switchboard! xo, L”

“I was very happy to see alumni, some of whom I took classes with my first couple of years, reach out to me to help me out. I'm very grateful for Oberlin Switchboard because of it.”

Tony Moaton '17 shared this story on March 20, 2017

Hosting Obie In New England