What is Oberlin Switchboard?

On Switchboard, Obies ask for what they need and offer what they have to give. All the generosity of the Oberlin community is at your fingertips.

Whether you need advice, have a job opportunity, or are seeking something else, Switchboard makes it easy for you to connect with other Obies. All members of our community come here to ask for help and help one another in return.

The Oberlin community’s repository of past asks and offers is yours to search. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you can post your own.

"On the offering end, you get to do that very Oberlin thing of sharing what you love and brightening someone's day in the process; on the asking end, it's a fantastic middle ground between just hitting up your friends for help and casting your net into the depths of the unknown internet." -Ida Hoequist ‘14


Filter through asks and offers by location, subject, and category. The Oberlin braintrust is all yours.


Connect with other members directly without all the clutter of social media. Your message will go straight to their email inbox.


Access Switchboard anytime with your mobile browser without losing features of the desktop version.

“On Switchboard, I can offer help to current students knowing that they are inquisitive and hard-working, and I can receive advice from older alums who have the experience of striving for positive change in this world on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, decade-long basis.” – Will Yon ‘10