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by stephen on Sep 18, 2017

stephen '84 offers job / internship …

Environmental Analyst Intern Paid Position:  We are a design/build residential construction and architecture firm in Los Angeles seeking to fill an entry level position to analyze the carbon and environmental impacts of residential construction.  Specifically to analyze our ongoing case study of a Los Angeles carbon neutral residence, including  life cycle analysis.  Duties would include data collection, analysis, comparison with known data sets.  Ability to visualize data in creative ways for a series of webisodes on the project as well as for a new website to communicate the findings of the project to the layperson.  

by Karen on Sep 09, 2017

Karen seeks other …Name of nearby dermatologist

My son who is a freshman just called.  He has hives/welts covering his entire torso.  Can someone recommend a nearby dermatologist.  This kid can't sleep, and is taking cold showers in the middle of the night. Last night he said he took 4 Benadryl and had no relief. Thanks for your help

by Arielle on Aug 29, 2017

Looking for a place to stay in Durham 9/25-9/27

Hi Oberlin friends! I'm coming down to Durham for a few days (Monday, September 25 - Wednesday, September 27) and I'm looking for a place to stay! I'm friendly and responsible and won't be too in your way (I plan on being in meetings most of the day). Let me know if you have a spare room/couch to lend to an Obie in need! 

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