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by Rosie on May 04, 2017

Part-Time Resume Writing Job (Remote)

Hey Obies! Are you a strong writer and a fast learner looking for some easy part-time work you can do from home? Check out this opportunity! Career Pro Resume company is currently hiring 3 new freelance writers for part-time resume writing. If interested, please contact Jody Noah Gothard, President, with resume and writing samples at (404) 252-8777, or at I, personally, did this, so feel free to get in touch if you have further questions and please let Mr. Gothard know Rosie Black referred you if you get in touch with him directly. I would much appreciate it! -Rosie Ps. Please check out my previous posts regarding this position if you have questions. The comments are basically a FAQ page! 

by Kaia on May 02, 2017

Seeking LSAT and JD/MSW advice

Hello! I graduated from Oberlin a year ago, and have been working as a legal assistant at an immigration nonprofit since then. I am starting to look into law school for Fall of 2018, and would love some advice on the LSAT.  I live in Tucson Arizona, and am trying to figure out the best course of action. The Kaplan LSAT classes are super pricey, and the U of A offers classes that are cheaper but still pricey.  Any recommendations on free or low cost classes? Or LSAT class scholarships? How does Kaplan compare to other lesser known classes? I am also considering pursuing a JD/MSW double degree to make myself a more rounded attorney capable of seeing clients beyond their strictly legal needs. Does anyone have experience with both? Thank you so much in advance!

by Molly on May 12, 2017

NYC <--> Oberlin, Commencement 2017

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone was leaving Friday, May 19th and/or returning on Sunday, May 21st. Even a ride one way would be awesome, and of course I will pitch in with gas, tolls, driving, snacks, and company :D. Thanks! Molly '14

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