by John on Oct 09, 2015

Mentoring in Development/Fundraising

I have been a professional fundraiser for over ten years (the last seven at Oberlin), and I am always happy to talk with people considering fundraising as a career or needing a little pro-bono advice for their own non-profit work.

by Arianna on Oct 09, 2015

Sublet, East Bay CA November 9 - January 11

One of my housemates will be traveling for two months this winter and is looking for someone to sublet her medium-small, west-facing room in our house.We live in a beautiful large house right on the border of Berkeley, Emeryville, and Oakland with six friendly adults, an occasional kid, and one large cat.Walkable neighborhood, very good bus access, a little over a mile to either the Ashby or MacArthur bart staions.Please get in touch with me if you're interested. Bonus points if you're good at doing your dishes. :)

by Hannah on Oct 09, 2015

Anyone driving to Iowa who wants a buddy? Thanksgiving shenanigans

Hello! I'm looking into various options to visit my grandparents in Des Moines, IA this Thanksgiving and Greyhound is looking like quite a mean journey (19 hours one way!). I've looked into flying and that's also no small fee, so I was wondering if anyone was road tripping that 9.5 hour journey and wanted a buddy/driving helper. Thanks! I should add that I'd definitely help with gas and provide snacks if we make this happen.~Hannah

by Anna on Oct 06, 2015

Ride from Upstate NY to Oberlin

Hi Obies! A prospective student I know is looking for a ride from Upstate NY (Ithaca area) to Oberlin over Columbus day weekend. Her father is currently very sick and she will not be able to make it to Oberlin without a ride. If anyone is driving this way and can help her out please get in touch!

by Bernadette on Oct 06, 2015

Job in Radiochemistry at Stanford

Hi Oberlin folks! My current lab is looking for sharp people (especially Chem and Biochem majors) to work in our Molecular Imaging Program synthesizing radiotracers for clinical and preclinical PET scans (positron emission tomography). I took this position right after graduating from Oberlin in '13, and managed to do most training on the job. You will gain experience in radiolabeling with several isotopes, use and care of various analytical instruments, and get certified in cyclotron operation. This could possibly be a good career pivot or stepping stone to graduate/medical school, although please be willing to commit at least 2-3 years (or more!). I've made great international and local connections. Contact me if you are interested! Here is the link to the Stanford careers website: Look for Job Postings 61803 and 61807

by Zia on Oct 05, 2015

Zia seeking funding and advice for summer research in Guatemala

Hi! I am a forth year Environmental Studies and Comparative American Studies major with a minor in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies. Last summer I was in Guatemala conducting an oral history project on women in resistance called In the Name of the Land, Life, and Community: Stories of resistance from three Guatemalan communities. I am looking for advice or funding opportunities for research and month long equational programing that I will continue this upcoming summer. For more information on what I have done thus far, check out my website at:

by Sara on Oct 05, 2015

Bully Pulpit Interactive is Hiring!

The digital marketing firm I work at is hiring for a variety of positions. The firm was started in 2008 by Obama campaign alums but works on political, corporate and non-profit clients. Check out available positions and reach out with any questions or let me know if you decide to apply: are also paid internships (fellowships) available.

by Helene on Oct 04, 2015

Seeking ride to Central Pennsylvania for Fall Break

I'm looking for anyone driving through central Pennsylvania for fall break. I'm willing to pay you for the ride.

by Shannon on Oct 04, 2015

Cat Sitter

Wondering if any Obies in Minneapolis would be willing to check in on my cat every other day or so from 10/7-10/14? His name is Dragon, and he is adorable. Needs food, water changes, and love. Thanks!

by Daniel on Sep 29, 2015

Third Year Seeks Summer Housing

Hello!My name is Daniel Cramer. I am looking for housing in LA for this summer, the summer of 2016, when I will be a rising third-year in the College. Please contact me if you are able to help or know of anything! Thank you.

by Cassandra on Sep 29, 2015

Paid Community Management Internship in NYC

Hey all!I recently started working at this awesome company called TeePublic and there is another opening that they're still trying to fill. From my experience so far, you'll be given quite a few things to do (it helps to be good at multitasking and working on your own), but they are all fun and rewarding. They will probably range from finding and contacting new designers, to answering customer service emails and updating prices on the site. If you are familiar with Threadless, Ript Apparel, Busted Tees (TeePublic's 'parent company'), etc. that's a huge bonus: it really helps to already know what kind of art sells on shirts and what the basic audience will be. In addition, the people here manage to hit that sweet spot between super chill and funny, and insanely hard working. So if that sounds like you, apply!Here's the link to the Indeed posting: feel free to email me with any questions!

by Geno on Sep 29, 2015

Alumni ride from Chicago

Hey! Thanks for checking my post. I'm looking for a ride from Chicago to Oberlin for Alumni weekend, Friday, Oct. 2nd returning Sunday, Oct 4th. I will gladly put in for gas and help with driving if you wish. Thanks!

by Sarah on Sep 28, 2015

Sarah offers job / internship

If you’re under-employing your degree in the humanities or social sciences, ReD Associates would like to hear from you by Sarah LeBaron von Baeyer, '05I work for ReD Associates, a strategy consulting company based in the social sciences, and we’re looking for curious minds to join our Copenhagen and New York offices. We are a team of eighty anthropologists, sociologists, economists, journalists, and designers who apply the methods of social science to study human behavior. We help our clients such as Ford, Samsung, Adidas, Novo Nordisk or LEGO answer complex human questions like: Why do so many chronically ill people refuse to take the medicine they need?How do you sell green solutions to people who don't care about pollution? How is technology changing how children play?I work at ReD for two reasons: it’s one of the few consultancies where I’m not under-employing, but building, my analytical skills and knowledge in East Asian Studies and Anthropology; and I think it’s one of the few workplaces where the intellectually engaged sense of community feels like Oberlin.On October 1st we are opening applications to our Apprentice Program, which is the recruitment ground for new consultants and thus a launching pad for a career at ReD. It’s an intensive three-to-five-month experience where you’ll be carrying out qualitative and quantitative research, primarily ethnographic fieldwork and expert interviews that involve deeply immersing yourself in a cultural phenomenon; you’ll also be developing insights and concepts and presenting them to clients.You’ll need an outstanding academic record, preferably a Master's degree (or beyond) or advanced knowledge in the social sciences or humanities; ideally you’ll have previous experience with qualitative and/or quantitative research methods.  We will be accepting applications for 2016 positions in New York and Copenhagen from October 1 to October 30, 2015. If accepted, the apprenticeship would start either in Jan / February 2016 or June 2016. If you want to find out more, read more and apply at, or reach out to me at or my colleague Jonny Lowndes at you for reading, Sarah

by Jenna on Sep 28, 2015

Seeking 2016 Winter Term Housing in Philadelphia

Hello!My name is Jenna, and I'm a third-year English and computer science student. I'm currently investigating winter term internships at non-profit organizations in Philadelphia that work with youth.Although my plans are still subject to change, I would love to know if you are offering housing in or near Philadelphia during January 2016. Terms are negotiable.

by Marcelo on Sep 28, 2015

Dutch language group in Oberlin - general interest meeting Mon Sept 28

A Dutch language group is forming in Oberlin and we are having our first general interest meeting on Monday September 28, at Slow Train Cafe, 7pm.Everyone from native speakers to those even curious about Dutch language and culture are welcome to come.Dutch is one of the closest relatives of both German and English, and is spoken in the European Union by about 23 million people as a first language—including most of the population of the Netherlands and about sixty percent of Belgium—and by another 5 million as a second language. It's spoken natively by the majority of the population of Suriname in South America, and also spoken in the Caribbean island nations of Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, as well as pockets of France and Germany, and to a lesser extent, in Indonesia, while up to half a million native speakers reside in the United States, Canada and Australia combined. Also, the Cape Dutch dialects of Southern Africa have evolved into Afrikaans, a mutually intelligible daughter language which is spoken to some degree by at least 16 million people, mainly in South Africa and Namibia. The official logo of the NYC borough of Brooklyn is in old Dutch.Drop by even if you're curious about Dutch! For more information please contact Marcelo Vinces ( meeting is made possible by the generous support of the Cooper International Learning Center (CILC).

by Sarah on Sep 27, 2015

Alums interested in anti-human trafficking work!

Hey! I'm currently a second year and I'm really interested in anti-human trafficking work. I want to be a lawyer to help with this cause. I thought it would be interesting to see if any other alums are currently working on combatting human trafficking and how we could help support each other! Let me know :) My email is

by Ma'ayan on Sep 25, 2015

Education and education-adjacent job leads

More education and education-adjacent jobs passed along to me by friends who want smart Oberlin type folks in their workplaces:Missouri S&T (Missouri University of Science and Technology) in Rolla, MO is seeking Senior Strategic Communications Consultants, User Interface Designers, and a Senior Communications Coordinator with an emphasis on graphic design. More on the team (plus job descriptions) here.Great Lakes Educational Loan Services in Madison, WI is seeking a Learning Management System Administrator and a Manager of Quality Management Oversight.Happy to introduce you to the people who shared these job descriptions with me if you have questions!

by Yael on Sep 25, 2015

India Winter Term!

Hi! We are two current Obies looking for resources, opportunities, and advice regarding possible winter term projects in India. We are interested in environmental studies, specifically food justice work, as well as religious studies. We are still trying to design our project and are open to any suggestions!Thanks so much!

by Daniele on Sep 25, 2015

looking for housing in Oakland!

I'm looking for an affordable one bedroom in Oakland. I would also live in a cottage at the back of someone's house. In terms of neighborhood, a little grit is fine with me. If anyone knows of anything, please let me know!

by Daniele on Sep 25, 2015

seeking advice from educators who have stepped outside of the classroom!

I'm looking for advice from people who have been teachers and who are now working in other jobs in the educational field. I've been a teacher for 4 years in NYC and have moved back to the Bay Area which is where I'm originally from. Looking for a job in education that's not teaching but it's seemingly harder than I'd anticipated! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

by Ian on Sep 25, 2015

Mentorship in Mental Health Careers, Social Work

Hi folks,I'm offering casual mentorship to Obies interested in exploring a career in mental health care, social work, and the allied helping professions. I graduated from Oberlin in 2005 with a strictly liberal arts focus, wandered through various non-profit jobs for about 5 years, and eventually decided that mental health work was where I wanted to be. If you are considering graduate study or job-seeking in the field, please feel free to reach out.Please be patient if I don't get right back to you. I am working full-time, and commute 20 hrs per week to get to my job. You can help the process by laying out the following details when you contact me: your interests in the field, your experience/volunteer work in social services, and your inspiration(s) for wanting to work in mental health care.

by Ilse on Sep 24, 2015

Looking for work/housing in Los Angeles

Hi! I am a '15 alum that just moved to LA area from Chicago. Looking for work in the film industry and also looking for some temporary housing while I get settled. If anyone has any advice or knows of any opportunities it would be greatly appreciated. Much love to the community!

by Abby on Sep 21, 2015

I'm a good connector living in Raleigh, NC

I live in Raleigh, NC, and I know a lot of people. I'm basically a good connector. If you move to the Triangle or are thinking about moving here (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Cary), I can probably find you people who are interested in whatever you're interested in. It's sort of my best skill. About me: I was a double degree Voice/Philosophy major at Oberlin. I have a PhD in School Psychology from Indiana University. I sing a lot classically in the area. I also do photography and shoot a lot of live music. I'm married to an architect/sculptor type. No kids. I'm not shy. I know a whole lot of cool people doing great things. If you need some help finding the right people to connect to around here, let me know.

by Emily on Sep 21, 2015

CIRI Industrial Development Manager, WIRE-Net

About WIRE-NetWIRE-Net is a non-profit economic development organization dedicated to improving the community through nurturing manufacturing and the jobs and prosperity that come with it. WIRE-Net is a problem solver. It works as a consultant, collaborator, referral source and hands-on provider in workforce development, growth and operational improvement initiatives, peer to peer and expert knowledge sharing, supply chain development, governmental assistance programs and urban redevelopment.Position DescriptionWIRE-Net is seeking a motivated, customer focused and goal oriented team player to join our team as a Cleveland Industrial Retention Initiative (CIRI) Industrial Development Manager.  This position is responsible for providing solutions to Cleveland manufacturers, using a variety of resources to stimulate business and neighborhood investment, and foster job creation.  The CIRI Industrial Development Manager provides outreach to manufacturing companies to identify and resolve challenges to business growth.  Primary duties include:  conducting company assessments to identify and resolve company service needs, analyzing company information to identify company trends and retention risks, and generating unrestricted revenue to support program operations.  QualificationsExperience•Experience with and knowledge of manufacturing, workforce and economic development strongly preferred•Minimum of 5 years of experience in sales, relationship management, manufacturing, or economic development, preferably a combination of these disciplines•Proven ability to relate to senior manufacturing leadership•Demonstrated success delivering strong customer service•Knowledge of business operations as well as local, state and federal resources•Accomplished in project managementEducation•Bachelor or Master’s degree in business or related field or equivalent work experiencePersonal Characteristics•Must have excellent interpersonal skills, including verbal, written, and phone communication skills•Excellent time management and ability to manage multiple projects•Works independently and in a team environment•Self-starter, high initiative, resourceful, detail oriented, and accountable for resultsOTHER: This is a full-time position requiring occasional evening and weekend work. Must have reliable transportation and possess a valid driver’s license.  Must be comfortable working in various manufacturing settings.  Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft applications, including databases in a PC environment.COMPENSATION: WIRE-Net offers competitive compensation and benefits, including retirement options, medical benefits, paid time off, flex-time, and professional development.  WIRE-Net is an equal opportunity employer.  To ApplyResume and cover letter stating salary requirements should be emailed to with position in the subject line or mailed to:CIRI Job OpportunitiesWIRE-Net4855 West 130th St., Suite 1Cleveland, OH 44135

by Emily on Sep 21, 2015

Director, Youth School-to-Career Programs, WIRE-Net

WIRE-Net is a non-profit economic development organization dedicated to improving the community through nurturing manufacturing and the jobs and prosperity that come with it. WIRE-Net is a problem solver. It works as a consultant, collaborator, referral source and hands-on provider in workforce development, growth and operational improvement initiatives, peer to peer and expert knowledge sharing, supply chain development, governmental assistance programs and urban development. One way WIRE-Net pursues our mission is through our School-to-Career programs that connect business leaders with students and teachers in career-tech schools. The Director manages a $500,000 budget, 2 staff and consultants to develop and manage partnerships with businesses, education and community stakeholders.  The program works to ensure the effective development and delivery of rigorous and relevant career tech programs with a strong component of out-of-school/work-based learning (job shadowing, internships, apprenticeships, etc.).  Additionally, WIRE-Net currently manages a summer camp for incoming 9th graders at Max Hayes, and is piloting a project to place 6-12 technicians 50 years or older into classrooms as “adjunct faculty”, also at Max Hayes.Our work is aligned with both the Take It To The Max design for the new Max S. Hayes High School (available at and the Academies of Cleveland/Ford Next Generation Learning (available at initiatives – all in Cleveland.  We are interested in broadening our partnerships to include additional NE Ohio career tech programs.The position requires a BA Degree in a related field and 5 years’ experience in program management, budget management and staff supervision.  Familiarity with workforce and/or youth development, career-tech education and related fields is highly desirable.WIRE-Net offers competitive compensation and benefits, flex-time, and professional development.  WIRE-Net is an EEO.To apply: Email a cover letter and resume to with position title in the subject line by October 15, 2015. No phone calls.

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