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by Tess on Jul 30, 2015

Wanting to hang out with people in NYC in the fall

Hi all, I'm beginning my 3rd year in a doctoral program in Psychology and Social Intervention at NYU in the fall and would love to just touch base with other Oberlin people in New York--see what y'all are up to. You're freakin' everywhere, so let's meet up for coffee, booze, a game night, etc. I'm thinking something like a networking party, but without any actual intent to "network" per se. I get back in September, so see you in a bit!

by Franny on Jul 30, 2015

Connecting with Obies in Dallas, TX

I'm a 2009 grad, currently working on my PhD at UNC Chapel Hill. I am moving from North Carolina to Texas at the end of August for a one-year position at the Dallas Museum of Art. I already have a place to live, but I don't know that many people in the area. I would love to connect with any Obies in Dallas and/or get advice on things to see, do, eat, etc. while I'm there. Thanks! Franny

by Sarah on Jul 30, 2015

Grant writing position at Boston nonprofit

Great opportunity at Corporate Accountability International here in Boston. I'm happy to make an intro for anyone who's interested:

by Sam on Jul 29, 2015

Used Camera Advice, Please!

Hi there!I've decided to upgrade from my current DSLR (Pentax K-10D), but I haven't bought a camera in many years. I'd love advice about where/what to buy (pretty sure I know all my needs) and also what traps to watch out for.I'm not sure how I can repay you; if you're in the Boston area I'd love to bake something... otherwise I'm open to sharing any info I've got (though not knowing who you are, I'm not sure how I could help you) or any other ideas.Thanks in advance!-Sam

by Aaron on Jul 29, 2015

Bay Area Psych Research Labs/Positions

Hi all!I was wondering if any alumni know of any research labs in the Bay area that are looking for part or full-time research assistants/lab managers. I am passionate about youth development, positive psychology, sustainable psychology, and how physical activity impacts academic and psychological outcomes in students. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.Best,Aaron

by Eric on Jul 28, 2015

Room near Davis Square for rent this coming year

I am looking for anyone interested in taking a spot in a three bedroom, one bath apartment in Somerville near Davis Square and Tufts University. I am ideally looking for someone who can commit to a joining a year-long lease which starts this coming September 1st. The apartment is about an 8 minute walk from Davis and a 12-15 minute walk to Porter. There is street parking available if you have a car as well, and the apartment is located in a pretty drive-able area. The apartment itself occupies the first and half of the second floor of a three story house and has a back yard, free washer and dryer in the apartment, a dishwasher, and a large kitchen. The room itself is a large bedroom on the first floor and the rent is $850 a month. I should also note that some of the downstairs wall is being repaired from damage sustained during the winter, though the landlord has made plans to have the necessary work done. It's an especially spacious place for the area, all we need is one good Obie (or non-Obie)!Your potential roommates are Eric (me), a 28 year old trained librarian and 2009 grad and Mark, a 27 year old math PHD student at Boston University. We don't have any noteworthy requirements in a roommate, just that you be friendly, clean, and accountable for rent and electric/cable/other bills. I'd be happy to take pictures for anyone interested and answer any questions you might have. Let me know if you're interested!

by Ida on Jul 27, 2015

Seeking housing in Charlottesville

Hi Obies! I'm going to UVA for grad school in August and would like to rent a one-bedroom apartment. Let me know if you know of any decent ones! It's been difficult to try to arrange something without actually being there.

by Sylvia on Jul 27, 2015

Suggestions/advice about housing in the East Bay

Hi Obies! I recently moved to the Bay Area and am currently looking for housing in Berkeley/Oakland/Emeryville beginning in early September and am in need of suggestions/advice. I am looking to share a room with my partner (either a room in a shared house, studio, or 1 person apt), ideally $1500 a month or less, but would consider slightly higher. Besides craigslist, facebook and padmapper I am wondering if there are any other online resources anyone knows of. Any advice from people who have navigated the housing situation here in the past would be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows of rooms that might be available that would be great as well!Thanks!

by Silvia on Jul 26, 2015

Seeking advice on moving to Raleigh/Durham!

Hi! I'm a recent grad and in about two weeks (eek!) I'll be starting a library job at NC State in Raleigh. I still haven't decided where in the Triangle to live. Besides spending two summers at the American Dance Festival in Durham, I don't know anything about the area. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!

by Rachel on Jul 25, 2015

Seeking housing for 2 near/on Potrero Hill, SF

Hi! I recently graduated and have moved back to the bay area. I am working at UCSF and am looking for long term housing near or on Potrero Hill in San Francisco. So far I haven't had much luck on craiglist and thought I would reach out to the Obie community-- does anyone know of or have an apartment/room for rent in this area? Thanks so much!

by Jade on Jul 25, 2015

'13 Grad, JD Candidate May '16 Seeking Advice/Networking Opportunities in NYC or Chicago

I'm a 2013 grad BA Politics and Rhetoric & Composition. Currently, I'm in my third year at Indiana University Maurer School of Law (Bloomington). I am seeking advice/networking tips/job opportunities to pursue a career in corporate transactional work with a focus on securities, M&A, private equity, and investment banking. As a native of NYC, I am looking for opportunities in either NYC, Boston or Chicago. Can be contacted at:

by Yuran on Jul 24, 2015

'15 grad seeking opportunities in the sustainability field

I am a recent graduate with a degree in Environmental Studies and a minor in Economics. I am looking for opportunities in environmental and sustainability consulting or planning.During my time at Oberlin, I have substantially experienced various roles and responsibilities in environment sustainability practices, such as analyzing behavioral change in regards to energy saving practices, researching biking patterns at Oberlin, and managing project stakeholders during the development and implementation of their projects. I am seeking a full-time position but also open to other opportunities in the States. I will be delighted to talk in greater details through email or phone.

by Robert on Jul 23, 2015

Job opportunities for former student-athletes

I'm hiring for Fordham's Athletics Development Office and would be pleased to consider former Oberlin student-athletes. Two positions open: 1) Development Assistant - looking for someone with passion and enthusiasm for college athletics who wants to get their foot in the door in fund raising2) Assistant Director of Development - main focus will be on managing and growing a major gifts portfolioFeel free to contact me directly if you would like to learn more. These jobs aren't public yet. This is a special opportunity for former Oberlin student-athletes. Go Yeo!

by Isabelle on Jul 23, 2015

'14 Grad Seeking Teaching/Art Opportunities in Boston

I am a graduate of the class of 2014 with experience in fine arts, seeking general teaching or art teaching positions in Boston. I have been living in Colorado for the last year but I will be moving to Boston by September first. During my time at Oberlin I studied Studio Arts and Environmental Studies. Since graduating I have worked in a variety of positions, from architectural firms to childcare. I am currently employed as an apprentice for a sculptor and am assisting at an art therapy program for teens. I am comfortable working with a variety of mediums and have childcare and teaching experience in the age range pre-K through ninth grade. I am open to paid as well as volunteer opportunities, and would also welcome any advice on getting involved in art education in Boston! Thank you!

by Sarah on Jul 21, 2015

Full-time Marketing & Communications Internship

The Presidio Trust, a nonprofit federal agency in charge of the Presidio of San Francisco is looking for a full-time Marketing and Communications Intern. The Presidio is a national park that covers the 1,500 acres surrounding the southern end of the Golden Gate Bridge. The park features hundreds of public programs each year. As a Marketing and Communications Intern, you would help promote these programs, as well as assist ongoing media relations, among other tasks. This 10-12 month internship comes with housing and a stipend every 2 weeks. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to live in a national park, at the heels of the Golden Gate Bridge, and gain valuable professional experience.Full job description and application instructions can be found here:

by Elspeth on Jul 21, 2015

Room for sublet in August

Hey there! I've got an awesome furnished room in BedStuy, and I'm looking for a temporary subletter for most of August while I'm away visiting my family. The apartment is on the fourth floor of a walk-up 7 minutes away from a C train. The room is available starting August 2 and ending the 27th, though I can be flexible a few days either way if you're really in a bind. The rent for the room is $650, and I'm asking for a flat $50 extra to cover utilities, which is the average cost in the summer months.My apartment has three bedrooms (so, two roommates) and a fully equipped kitchen and bathroom. While staying here you'll have an AC in your bedroom my awesome sofabed with a pull-out memory foam mattress space in the large bureau shown in the pictures space in the extra bookshelf space in one of the two closets in the room sheets, towels, pillows, and other such necessities a flat screen TV with hdmi and VGA cables to attach to a computer the use of all the appliances in the kitchen (oven, microwave, toaster, dishes, etc etc) a space reserved for your food in the fridge your own shelves for non-refrigerated food To make room for you in the dresser I'll have to put some of my stuff in boxes and stack them in the corner, but it's a pretty spacious room and they won't really get in your way. I'm looking for someone reliable who will be respectful of my roomies, who are two totally chill dudes in their mid twenties ^ ^Please respond to this ad with your name, contact phone number, a little bit about yourself, and the best times to reach you. I will try to respond as quickly as possible ^_^Happy July, and I look forward to meeting you! -Elspeth

by Naomi on Jul 21, 2015

Full-time, part-time, or contract work for web development collective

Are you interested in working with us at Little Weaver Web Collective? We’re a small worker cooperative looking for people who do any of the following, for prospective part- or full-time membership, or contract work.Graphic design, illustration, productionQA and testingProject managementClient acquisition and relationsBusiness and accountingProgramming. (Our focus is a Django / Python stack, but PHP knowledge is a bonus.)You will like being a member of Little Weaver if…You like having equal pay and an equal say in all decisionsYou want to work remotely and have a flexible scheduleYou like web work but not the culture that tends to come with itYou want the flexibility to choose to expand your skillset to include additional roles (or not)You will not like working with us if…You are looking for us to provide a $75k+ salary right nowYou need us to provide health insurance right now (as opposed to purchasing insurance through an exchange)Little Weaver is a young collective, but we’re ready to grow. All of our members were recently able to transition to Little Weaver full-time, and there’s still more work available to us than we’re able to handle at our current scale.If you’re interested in working with us, send your resume and any relevant work to, along with a short paragraph about why you’re interested in working with us (really, don’t sweat it).Cross-posted from

by Becky on Jul 21, 2015

I'm driving from Atlanta in Santa Fe in mid-August. Need a ride?

I'm driving from Atlanta to Santa Fe, probably over the course of August 15-16 (though perhaps 14-15). It's a 20-hour drive or so. I'm just not thrilled about doing that much driving alone. Anybody need a ride/want to help drive? Even part way? Happy to slightly alter my route if you need to stop or join me part way through. Would be especially easy to go through Memphis, Oklahoma City, Amarillo, Dallas or Albuquerque. I was planning on maybe driving up to Fayetteville, AR, to stay with a friend halfway through (about an hour out of the way) but could also do an airbnb somewhere or perhaps camp. My car is an old prius so mileage is good (usually about 40 on freeway) but car is not large. Won't have a ton of space in the back but I will have a bike rack with space for 1-2 bikes.

by Rajul on Jul 20, 2015

Seeking Bay Area violin teacher

Anyone know of a violin teacher in the South Bay of SF who's good with kids? A friend's son recently started playing. Thanks,RajulOC '91

by Geneva on Jul 18, 2015

Yard Sale July 19th!!

Hey DMV Obies! I am going back overseas, so tomorrow (July 19th) I will be having a Yard Sale ^.^. I am selling comics/manga/anime/dvds/ old electronics/video games and more! Come by Bedfordshire Circle, Reston VA during the afternoon :)

by Emily Carmen on Jul 18, 2015

Biochem alumnae seeking employment!

Like most recent grads, I am seeking employment in San Francisco and Chicago! My biochemistry major and analytical chemistry research experience prepared me well to be a lab technician in a broad range of laboratories. I am most interested in clinical research but I also have experience in quality control. Oberlin taught me to invest time in my community too, so I am also looking for opportunities (volunteering and jobs) to work with community organizers empowering youth (to put it broadly). I also play field hockey, run, and hike and would love to meet Obies who also do! Advice is welcome! I'm looking in San Francisco (Bay Area) and Chicago.

by Khay on Jul 18, 2015

Sublet in Brooklyn for the Fall

Hello everyone :)I am looking to sublet my room this fall--September, October, and November (poss Dec). Nice 3 bedroom on the top floor of a renovated brownstone in Bed-stuy Brooklyn. You will be rooming with 2 other super nice/chill roommates (1 male, 1 female). We may be getting a cat soon.6 min walk to the C train and under a 30 min subway ride to downtown Manhattan. This is a chill, residential area but there are a few bars and restaurants close by. The room is $900 per month (includes utilities). I will ask for the 3 months rent up front. Ask me any questions.

by a on Jul 18, 2015

Berkeley room offered in queer communal house

Important details:Rent: Approx. 970 single / 1300 coupleDeposit: Equivalent to starting rent House dues: ~$220 per person (covers PG&E, Internet, food and household stuff.)Move-in: August 1Note: we will also have an opening in a similar room for September 1st, so if you are looking for then, please send us a message and let us know. About the house:The house is a newly remodeled six-bedroom, three-bathroom house at a great location near Ashby BART station and Berkeley Bowl. It's very well appointed and nicely finished. There's outdoor space and also a washer/dryer. One rooms is available which is about 12x11/12x12 or so with a very spacious closet. About us:We are a collection of queers and oddballs who have mostly lived together before, in various collective households, and have recently come together to build a ridiculous, beautiful, lively, warm and welcoming home. We are currently six people -- five adults and one half-time child (plus accompanying imaginary friends and their imaginary friends) -- of ages ranging from low oughts to late 30s. Descriptors for us include but are not limited to: journalist, milliner, coder, slut, robot, cuddle-limpet, security princess, grad student, pregnancy test addict, tea quality controller, newbie softball player, culinary school dropout, dancing wonder, pigeon, preschooler, butterfly girl.About our household:The house runs like a family -- we share responsibilities for cleaning and buying food and household stuff, and split up expenses in the form of house dues. Our kitchen serves as the heart of our community, and we share food and meals and welcome each other's guests in our home. While we welcome omnivores, we do shop and eat primarily vegetarian and have very regular (if not nightly) vegan shared meals. While we are all respectful of each other's needs, we do have a lot of guests and host quite a few social events, from small gatherings for dinner (as frequent as they are delicious, if those two things can share a scale) to extravagant costume parties (every few months or so).None of the above means we are a party house. We are all responsible and conscientious folks who clean up after ourselves and are committed to creating a family-style home. We just love to share the joy. The logistics:This is a temporary-to-permanent spot. We are looking for someone who fits with our house and are therefore renting for four months to see if we work together long term. If we're all getting along as well as we hope after three months, we'll invite you to stay for as long as you like. We want to be up-front about this and make sure all the chemistry works before we offer a permanent spot.The rent number depends on final occupancy and financial ability- if you can pay more, great. If you can't, as a household we try to make sure each person pays an amount they are comfortable with and we subsidize each other when possible (though it's not always possible). We check in every few months on financial capacity and rent.It saddens us that this is the case, but this house is not wheelchair accessible. We also have housemates with allergies so are unable to have cats or dogs. Please let us know a bit about you when replying- who are you, why is a collective family style home of interest to you? Please email

by Autumn on Jul 17, 2015

Seeking August sublet in Asheville, NC

Hi Obers! I'm looking for a cheap place to stay in Asheville, NC for the month of August while I finish a few recording projects in the area. Does anyone know someone who might have space for me? Thanks!Love, Autumn

by Donna on Jul 17, 2015

Paid Internship with Investigative Group International, Inc.

*IGI contacted the OC Career Center with this position, great for a recent graduate*Research Intern IGI overview  Investigative Group International, Inc. (“IGI”), founded by former Watergate prosecutor Terry F. Lenzner, is a preeminent investigative firm with core specialties in competitive & business intelligence, political research and litigation support. The New York Times has described IGI as “Washington’s premiere investigative firm.” The National Journal also called the firm the “the gold standard in private financial detection.” Experts in complex fact-finding investigations, IGI lawyers and investigators have honed their information-collection and analytical skills in a wide variety of complex legal, financial and governance matters spanning nearly 30 years. IGI’s record of rising to challenging assignments, while adhering to the highest ethical standards, has built an unsurpassed reputation for professional excellence in the corporate, legal and financial communities. Visit our website for more information on our firm:   Position Overview We are seeking interns to assist investigators in a variety of task including but not limited to:·         fact-finding·         analysis·         presentation of investigative and analytical findings Internships with IGI are generally full-time (40 hours a week); however, we would also consider part-time applicants.  Competencies Sought   The position requires a lot of writing, so an ideal candidate would be a competent and careful writer with the ability to communicate complex fact situations with completeness, clarity and precision. The position requires an aptitude for finding, organizing, and presenting research. Research projects will often involve identifying, analyzing, and interpreting documents such as legal cases, financial records, real estate records, press reporting, etc. This position also requires the applicants to navigate and extract useful information from a variety of databases. IGI’s casework involves a variety of subjects; therefore, the ability and willingness to learn and develop a basic familiarity and fluency in a variety of subjects in a short amount of time is critical. The position will be overseen by IGI investigators who will help develop the intern’s investigative skillset and provide feedback on the quality of work product produced.  The applicant should be fluent in Microsoft Office and comfortable quickly learning new software. Preference for foreign language skills Education Sought: Possessing or in the process of obtaining a Bachelor’s degree.  Stipend: IGI offers full time interns a monthly stipend of $1000.  Applicants should send their resume and a writing sample to with “Internship Application” in the subject line. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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